Welcome to the Birdhunter!

Presented here are images and conversations about the bird hunting experience.

The hope is to connect with folks who share the passion of chasing fast birds with good friends, fine shotguns, and game bird dogs. I hope you enjoy the site.

Time is flying and that picture above is getting dated. Sweet Rio has been gone for 7 years now. So here is an updated picture with good boy Tex . . . 

Time continues to fly! I have been posting on this silly blog for 11 years now (191 posts).  Good old Tex has been gone for a year now. So here is a picture of sweet Henry our 11 month old Deutsch Kurzhaar . . .

Other than that, God continues to smile down on us; we are doing the same old thing and loving every minute of it!

27 responses to “About

  1. Tedd Edmondson

    Great site! It’s in my bookmarks!

  2. P Kruger

    Well done! You are a talented photographer and scribe and a great member of any hunting party.

  3. Great site…really like the image of Rio in the masthead. Looking forward to future posts!


  4. Bob Jurewicz

    Great site!!!
    We’re neighbors! I’m in Colorado City a little NWof you. Have Shinnery Flats Ranch 7 miles N of Colorado City. Would like to connect some time and share our interest.
    Bob Jurewicz

  5. michael tabor

    Isn’t it interesting how some avocations, or vocations, just grab us. Whether it be upland birds, fly fishing, photography or just plain reading, what is important is that it is important for the person doing it. I am also an avid bird hunter and it is becoming an obsession with me and that is alright as long as we don’t let that obsession affect the other important aspects of our lives. So here’s to good dogs, English doubles, bourbon in a tin cup and the sweet smell of an autumn morning.

  6. Kristyn Winn


    Your website is sooooo great! We are loving life out here in Durango. We of course miss everyone. Perhaps soon (mid-may) we might be travelling out to Nebraska which would land us in Denver en route. Perhaps we could be obnoxious and straight out ask to stay with you guys a night? Hugs Dude!

    • Thanks Kristyn! I am glad you enjoy it. Also glad you are liking Durango, I hear it is beautiful. May is tough for us to have guests. We have family in town for my son’s graduation and we are on a trip as well. Tell Chuck hello and you guys take care.

  7. Kristyn Winn

    Yay for Harrison!!!!! That’s exciting. I think Nancy told me you guys are out of town the day we are driving back and how crazy May is for you….:( Also, glad to hear your dad is putting up the good fight. I think of him and you often and have put him in our prayer circle at church. Hope you don’t mind. Anywho, enjoy that adorable Tex!
    Ciao Baby!

  8. Tracy

    I left a question about a Sweet Sixteen on a different blog. It doesn’t look like you are able to check that blog, just wondered if you could help me out with my shot gun. I addressed you as Nick, and soon realized I had made a mistake. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  9. Rob Groves

    Love the site. I am just starting to get into bird hunting. Just bought my first, and long awaited, O/U and I have two 8-month old Boykin Spaniels I am attempting to train. Just about all we have here in VA are farm birds but it is still great to get out there and watch the dogs work.

  10. huntbirdz

    I just found your website and think its absolutely great. Cant wait to read about hunting scaled quail. Ive hunted those littler buggars in the Cimarron National Grasslands and was thinking about venturing into SE Colorado…would love some insight and / or info if I can make it this fall. You ever feel like coming into Kansas don’t hesitate to reach out. Do you have an Instagram account to go along with your blog? I couldn’t find one…most of the other upland blogs have one, just curious. @huntbirdz -INSTAGRAM. again great page and posts.

    • Thanks very much! I am figuring this Colorado grassland hunting too. I do not have an Instagram site. All the pictures worth looking at are in this blog. Thanks for visiting!

  11. Mike & Tugs

    Thanks for the great site. My GSP recently passed just shy of his 15th hunting season. Those pics of Zoey reminded me of him. They are the greatest hunters. Some day I’ll have another, till then I’ll enjoy watching you and big Tex have all the fun. He looks like an awesome dog. Just a suggestion, maybe sometime do a post on all the dog equipment you use. Thanks for the blog. Mike

    • Thanks Mike, I am glad you like the site. I am also sorry for the loss of your dog. That is always a tough thing to go through. Thanks for the suggestion on the dog supply post. I will do that. I also want to do one on a great hunting vest I have found and a terrific pair of boots. That kind of stuff will keep me busy after the season is over. Thank again!

  12. Kevin T

    Loved the site and photos. Hope you are doing well!

    • Thanks – not sure who you are.

      • Kevin T

        I’m an old bird hunter looking to get back into upland bird hunting. I am considering getting a hunting dog. I currently live in Arizona…lived 25 years in Montana. I am considering moving to the great plains but I’m not sure if it is sustainable they are Jobwise.

  13. Good luck! AZ is a great place to live for bird hunting. I would rather live there than the great plains.

  14. Rob Bundy

    I have one of these m48 in pristine condition. Used in high school to hunt pheasanr and rabbit in NJ. That would have been in 1961 b4 moving to OH. Never fired since. now grandkids want to shoot. What shell (chamber details)? Back in the day I used to ask for a box of 20 Ga and they’d hand me a box. Now its science project w diff lgths. 2.75 3 etc. Help!

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