Hunting at The Bluffs, Colorado – Part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures from our hunt at The Bluffs. Be sure to check out “Part 1” as well.


The small Shorthair is a 6 month old bitch named Roux (pronounced [roo]). This is one of the puppies from the earlier post “Cajun-German Shorthaired Pointer Pups Available” where you can see her as a newborn pup. This was her first time hunting and she was astoundingly good!


This is her first point!


A rooster tracked down and retrieved, pretty as you please.



Lots of bird dog enthusiasm! There is no doubt that this will be an awesome bird dog for years to come.


Is that a dog or a pig? It was an exceptionally warm day and in the afternoon keeping the dogs from overheating was a challenge. Tex cools off in a mud bath.


Luckily there was a pond of snow melt . . .


 . . .and some patches of snow to help the dogs stay cool.



Solid points by German and Italian pointers.



The team, all great guys!


Plenty of birds were left behind.

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