Sun City Kansas Quail

We enjoyed a Kansas wild bird quail hunt with Upland Bird Guide Service out of Sun City, Kansas. Very nice accommodations in a renovated, old bank building, and excellent cuisine from our Louisiana guide, Jamie Johns, added to the enjoyment. The hunt was great fun, the birds were thin but that is expected in the current down cycle.

It is common for pointers to bloody the end of their tail as they run through the brush. This old boy was super focused and gave himself a blood bath as his tail whipped back and forth. This speaks to the focus and drive that these dogs have.

Let’s roll!

Sun City, Kansas about as off the grid as you can get.

Main street with the obligatory sleeping dog in the road. Buster’s was a happening place some time ago. Now, it seems to be a shit hole for wretched dregs and drug addicts. There is a gal that works there who was dancing in the street. She jumped in the bed of a pickup truck and then on top of the cab, then down onto the hood, then she skittered away back into the bowels of the bar. We were told to steer clear of that place.

Sun City fixer upper. I wonder what is going to happen to these great, small rural towns. There is almost no capital infusion and they seem to be rotting away. If you have not seen the country and these towns that are full of history and character, you should. They are dying and will be only memories and ghosts at some point.

Henry loves hunting in Kansas. The ground is soft and easy and quail cannot be beaten as a perfect game bird.

Quail tug of war! Bad form! That was Henry’s bird and this rural tough tried to liberate it.

BOINK! Tug of war with quail is like tug of war with a wet twinkie. Henry was scarred from this event. After this, he held onto birds tight and needed some juice to “give.”

Our guide, Jaimie, is not impressed.

Jeff shows good form with the AyA. This boy can shoot.

Birdhunter with his tall relatives. I love these guys!

Another “taxidermy ready” bird. Our soft-mouth dogs do an incredible job.

Lake City Rural High School gets an A in hoarding!

Covid has had a dramatic impact on the rural school systems.

Rachel and her husband, Alexander Campbell Bender, homesteaded near Sun City on July 15, 1876. Rachel did not make it a year in Barber county, dying at 46 years of age. She bore 9 children with Alex. The reference to being asleep is from Luke 8:52 “And all wept, and bewailed her: but he said, Weep not; she is not dead, but sleepeth” Christ overcame death and sweet Rachel will be raised to eternal life when Christ returns.

Setters are always good-looking bird dogs.

Sumac. I am told quail like this. It is commonly ground up and used as an aphrodisiac on unsuspecting spouses.

Henry loves Kansas quail hunting.

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11 responses to “Sun City Kansas Quail

  1. As always, great photos. Glad you had a good hunt, even with low bird numbers. The small towns in the 10 states where I have hunted are not quite dead, but as you witnessed at the local dive, they are in the seizures of their death throes. My farm is near a few of those small towns, and it’s painful to watch all the capable young people (and many of the senior citizens) depart for the cities. Part of the worldwide trend of urbanization. You cannot blame folks for leaving: no health care, no decent broadband, no stores, no services, schools consolidated and closed, pervasive drug and alcohol abuse, peer numbers dwindling. I’ll be forced to make a similar exodus in a couple-few years.

  2. Diane

    Great post and pictures! Got a great feel for a small dying American town
    rich with history. Very enjoyable!

  3. rickhartle

    I have been enjoying the updates. Glad is doing well and hitting all of the hot spots.

    • Thanks Rick! We love this dog. He has hunted in 5 states so far and I hope for many years with this sweet guy. I want another but I cannot do that while Mrs. Birdhunter is alive. I hope you and Jan are having a great winter. I have enjoyed watching the current liter grow up.

  4. Tedd

    Great stuff!! Now I want to hear the story of when y’all went to Buster’s, after the ringing endorsement y’all got! If anyone tells me to steer clear of that place, well, that’d be the first place I went!! 😉

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