Beautiful Colorado Sage

The two day Colorado Sage Grouse season is almost upon us. Last year we were skunked but with the 2012 drought in full swing and the dwindling bird numbers, I am sure we will all limit by brunch. We are OK with the poor odds, it is great to get the dogs out and hunt after a long hot summer. Not to mention that we have a new puppy to break in! Here are some of the better pictures from past seasons.

Sage, and lots of it. We love the desolate, lonely places of the bird hunt.

Rio surveys her domain.

She could run, run, run. A beautiful, graceful dog who would glide across the fields. A tireless hunter.

This point is for sure.

Rio with a limit.


There wont be any pictures like this with Tex! He is better than 65 pounds and not yet 7 months old. Rio topped out at 50.

This is my favorite picture of all time.

Two hens and a Garbi.

Welcome to Walden!

Prime main street property. Check out the washing machine.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows. You see this a lot in rural towns. Not sure if there are any Odd Fellows still around these days.

Dear Anna. She almost made it 78 years. I would love to hear her story.


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7 responses to “Beautiful Colorado Sage

  1. Johnny West

    Very nice picture and love you SxS! JW

  2. Love the, ‘Two hens and a Garbi.’ shot.

    Pretty sure there are still plenty of odd fellows around, at least in my neck of the woods!

  3. I’ll miss the sage this year as I’ll be on a muzzleloader hunt. Probably a mistake but I had a great season last year. Hopefully we’ll be able to hunt them again next year.

  4. Once again, great blog. The images are really quite good. Thanks for that.
    Lots of Odd Fellows still out there. Pretty big organization.
    We are off to Craig on Friday for the Grouse. First time in a long time, and my boy’s first ever Sage Grouse wander. Should be fun.
    Anyone have any ideas on best spots (without giving the farm away!)?

    • Jim, I have not hunted by Craig. I would think that would be good because it is farther away from Denver. We hunt by Walden in North Park. We usually do OK , except last year we got skunked. Wish us luck!

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