Colorado Dove 2012

Here in Colorado the drought is in full bloom and heat records seem to be set daily. It has been a tough summer for the birds.  Dove hunting in Colorado is rarely spectacular but this year our one day dove hunt was notably slow. My guess is that there were about half the birds as compared to the year before. No one took a limit but of course the hunters the day before were limited out and done by 9:30am, we were told. Maybe so as that was opening day.

Even though the hunting was poor, we had a great time. The birds arrived in ones and twos all morning, the weather was perfect and this was Tex’s first hunt. Tex had two Labs and another GSP to hunt and play with. There is no doubt that he had a terrific time and was exhausted at the end of the morning.

Hopeful at sunrise.

This is sweet Dixie. It is nice to have a Lab for the birds that land in the pond.

Armas Garbi bird gun.


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10 responses to “Colorado Dove 2012

  1. Glad y’all had a good hunt, there were NO birds to be seen here in Texas. At least in Jack county there weren’t!

  2. Grant Cannatella

    Looks like William made a pretty good retreive! Glad you guys and pups had a good time.

  3. Hello there. Saw your blog the other day – excellent! My boy, at 12yrs old, loves it (especially). We are both devoted 16er’s (French MAC SxS, and a ’97 pump), and took to the fields for dove on two days over the weekend. Saturday was a festival, with lots of cars, more birds, and even more shooters (“hunters” might be stretching it…). Yesterday, the numbers were down significantly; I’m sure the immense pressure was the contributing factor. Centennial Valley must have had several hundred in attendance for the day, and it was a bit of a madhouse; certainly crowded, and slightly frightening! But this ain’t New Mexico, where you run into few hunters…so, I guess it’s to be expected.
    Thanks for your great site, and your images.
    All the best, and safe hunting.
    Jim (and Daniel)

  4. Get him in the water! Pepper loves to swim and retrieve. Break the wing of a chukar and toss him in. Tex will go right after him.

  5. Wyatt VanDePol

    LOVE the shotgun!!!

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