Big Tex

This was to be a post on a Sage Grouse and Ptarmigan hunt but we did not see a bird. What is that recipe to remove the stench of skunk?

 We did see some elk, nice bull!

and some goats . . .

A break from our long, fruitless hike. A far cry from last year. You can click here and read about that hunt.

A drink of snow melt. It was a beautiful day and we had an awesome hike at 12,000 feet. I chalk it up to bird hunter dues.

Dog tired after the hunt.

Since that was a bust here is a catch up on Tex photography. Coming up on 8 months and very near 70 pounds, he is our sweet, beautiful moose.

He looks like the old man until you see him run. He still has lots of puppy in him!

On the forbidden white couch . . . again!!

Whats for dinner?? Very few places are out of his reach now.



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9 responses to “Big Tex

  1. What is that recipe to remove the stench of skunk?

    I’ve recently heard that a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide works.

  2. 1 bottle peroxide, 1 box of baking soda (only need about 1/4 cup), 1-2 tsp of Palmolive. Mix to a paste and shampoo.

  3. byrdgirl

    70lbs at 8 months!!! What a moose! Lol. I thought Luna was big at 52 pounds at 7 months. He sure is handsome!! Such expressive eyes. And I LOVE your pics of the goats! Nice post. 🙂

    • Thanks! Crazy isn’t it? His growth has slowed quite a bit. I think he will be 85 – 90 lbs full grown. Like Luna he is mastering the art of destruction! Wife calls him Tex the Destroyer. He loves to chew on mice. Only problem is that they are the Logitech and Dell variety. He also has $2,100 of prescription eyeglasses to his credit. He eats them like grasshoppers. We love him anyway. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Alan Howell

    If you are ever up to Alaska,look me up during Aug 10th -through Oct .Lots of ptarmigan.You can fly in or hike in to good spots. We fly in and camp for 4 days at a time.Enjoy your blog.
    Alan from Homer,Ak

  5. I cannot believe how much he looks like Pepper! IM me if you want to get some ptarmigan. Didn’t know you were a glutton for punishment. How does early December work for you for a Wyoming trip? Starting to get some things figured out. Awesome photos!

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