Flying Fortress

Few things send me running for the camera quicker than the unmistakable, low growl of a big prop airplane. In this case a vintage B-17 bomber cruising over the neighborhood.


The Aluminum Overcast ( was on display at our local airport so I checked it out.








John Browning’s wonderful M2 50 caliber machine gun. The B-17 had 13 on board!









Awesome aircraft! Now to find a P-51 Mustang.


Tex thinks the B-17 is pretty darn cool!


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7 responses to “Flying Fortress

  1. That’s awesome. A time of brave men, of grave consequence and no room for sissies. Can’t imagine the ride those boys faced..

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Robyn

    Such amazing photos!!! Thank you for sharing. My boyfriends father Howard Worley earned a purple heart in WWII when the B-17 he was in crashed. He was in the turret at the time it went down. Pop was an amazing guy and loved sharing his stories of serving in the North African campaign and Europe. He was a part of the 509 Atomic Bomb group and was always very proud that he was one of the men who loaded “Little Boy” into the Enola Gay having previously welded in the brackets to the hold bomb. My grandfather Sherman Hayes was an MP that was on duty and present at the time Little Boy was loaded. It’s a small world after all….

    • Wow, great story Robyn! My great uncle flew B-17s with the 390th out of Framlingham, England. He was shot down in 1944 and spent 7 months as a POW in Stalag Luft 1 near Barth. We heard is story on the 4th of July, just a few days ago. He is 93 years old. Truly a member of the “greatest generation”. Please give Howard and Sherman an atta-boy from the Birdhunter! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I took a flight in this B-17 when it was in the Chicago area. It was a great experience. We had free reign of the aircraft while in flight.

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