Filson Sportsman’s Bag

For the bird hunter, a good bag is one of the essentials. To carry all the junk you need for a hunt or a day at the gun club, the Filson Sportsman’s Bag is hard to beat. It has been on my list for quite some time but at $295 it was just too expensive. Now that I have one (received as a gift from Mrs. Birdhunter!) I almost would pay that much . . . almost. I think a price point of half that amount would be about right. Despite the expense, it is a terrific bag.



The main compartment measures 16″ L x 8″ W x 8″ H. That is 1,024 cubic inches and is plenty big for most events.


It has these snap in dividers which I doubt I will ever use.


There is plenty of room for the gear for a bird hunt. What you see here is a pair of chaps, a vest, a shot-shell belt, game shears, e-collar and controller, whistle, treats and Karo syrup and there is still room for a bottle or two of scotch!


A pretty darn good bag for clay shooting as well. This is 150 rounds and shell pouch with plenty of room for empty hulls. Glasses, ear plugs, oil, etc fit nicely in the side pockets.


One thing I was concerned about is how it would hold its shape without a ridged bottom. As you can see here, with the bag loaded with 200 shot shells, it keeps its shape very well. Thanks to the thick 22 oz. oil finish canvas construction it really doesn’t need a solid bottom.


Here are the dividers in the side pockets.


The end pockets are perfect for gloves.


The straps, grips and zipper pulls are bridle leather. The zippers are robust and are made of brass. No space age plastic found on this bag!


It also makes a nice backdrop for showing off shooting iron!


Approved by Big Tex.


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5 responses to “Filson Sportsman’s Bag

  1. Diane Calvert

    Great bag! Mrs. Birdhunter sounds likes a fabulous

  2. Maybe an ignorant question, what is the Karo syrup for in the “packed” bag above?

    • That is a good question! Sometimes bird dogs hunt so hard that they burn up all their energy and need a shot of sugar to keep them going. I had a dog that became hypoglycemic and could not go any further. She was totally spent and I had to carry her back to the truck – over a mile away. A squirt of Karo may have helped her out. Now I carry water, high protein treats and Karo syrup in a squirt bottle in case the puppies run out of gas.

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