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Happy New Year!

Please pray for the many hundreds of Colorado families who lost their homes last night that they might find comfort. Thank God and be grateful for what you have on this last day of 2021.

A new year holds fresh promise and hope for less fire, fewer murderous maniacs, a conquered virus, and a resurgence of sanity and common sense. We’ll see.

So, Happy New Year from the Birdhunter!


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Cleaning up the links

I don’t keep the links on the “Links” page as up to date as I should. I ran through them and was sad to see that more than a few have been dormant for a couple of years.  Here is the roll call for the dearly departed . . . 

  • Adventures of a GSP Hunting Dog, last post was September 7, 2016
  • Red Legg’ed Devils, last post was Novemeber 11, 2016
  • Sometimes Far Afield, last post was July 4, 2017
  • The Mallard of Discontent, last post was May 16, 2016
  • Uplandish, last post was April 25, 2016
  • Wingshot, last post was January 30, 2016 (too bad, this guy is a great writer!)
  • Find the Beauty, last post was February 7, 2017

There is a sort of pressure to keep it going and I understand that one may just be done with it. I hope all is well with them! 

On the bright side, there are some new players out there. One superb site is this one . . . The Project Upland.  This site has it all! Articles, pod casts, videos and even their own magazine (which I have subscribed to). There is a ton of quality content, so much so I hope they can keep it up. This effort is part of Northwood Collective, an “outdoor creative agency”, so this is much more than some moron randomly posting crap on the internet . . . . you know . . . like the Birdhunter. You should check it out.

I think the links are good now. You should look at them, a lot of good stuff in there!


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Happiness is a Flat of Shells!

South Dakota’s pheasant season opens next weekend. The bird outlook is dramatically improved over last year, but still below the 10 year average. We missed the September seasons because of family commitments so this next weekend is the beginning of our season.


Above  are the favorite loads, Federal Premium 6s. This is almost $200 worth of shot shells, but I am not complaining! At least there are shells to buy.


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“Standard” Cleaning Rod and Implements

This vintage cleaning rod goes with the previous post on the Hoppe’s #9.



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Vintage Hoppe’s #9

This very old jar of Hoppe’s #9 came from Granddad’s closet. Along with his shoes and clothes, that closet held his leather slip-cased Winchester shotgun, a WWII German Luger and his Stetson hat.  When we were kids it was a place of curious intrigue. Sadly, that closet and dear grandfather are both long gone. What remains are his guns, these cleaning supplies and memories of him and the sweet smell of leather, old guns and #9.


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A Great Read

Here at the Birdhunter significant effort is expended to produce the mediocre level of writing that you see in this blog.  We are alright with that because the point here is the photography. But if you want to read great bird hunting stories written by fellows who know how to write then checkout this terrific e-book from the guys over at the Mouthful of Feathers blog. It is well worth the $5 and can be bought HERE.

mof book

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Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Mia reached out to the Birdhunter and asked that I put this on the site. The TRCP looks to be a terrific pro-hunting conservation group. Check it out . . .

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Why Google Sucks

A company that bolts a camera on top of a car  and drives up and down pretty much every road in the county so we can have super cool mapping with curbside views would normally get my vote as a company that doesn’t suck.

But on Easter Sunday this is the Google landing page . . .


They chose to recognize the birthday of Cesar Chavez instead of  the resurrection of Christ. I am sure Cesar was a great guy but holy cow, are you kidding me?

Hello Bing!


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I am afraid this it too true. . . .


…right now.

We just want you all on a list so we know where you are when we do.

If that takes a law requiring you to have your driver’s license scanned when you buy ammunition, go to the range etc. It’s okay.

If it means you have to get a license every 5-years… Who does it really hurt?

Should you sell your gun to someone else and we have new laws making you liable for their actions… All the better.

Nobody wants bad things to happen.

Just respect our authority to “slightly” limit what kind of guns you can own.

Accept that we can make “small” changes to the bill of rights without amending it.

Don’t you understand?

It’s all within reason.

The way we see it there is nothing to disagree with here….  you agree with us, right?  Of course you do.  You’re not insane…

We care about you… and your children.  Often…

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On-Line Magazine: The Contemporary Wingshooter

I stumbled upon these and think you would enjoy . . .

The Contemporary Wingshooter and The Contemporary Sportsman

Substantial excellent content, big name contributors and terrific photography.

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