Why Google Sucks

A company that bolts a camera on top of a car  and drives up and down pretty much every road in the county so we can have super cool mapping with curbside views would normally get my vote as a company that doesn’t suck.

But on Easter Sunday this is the Google landing page . . .


They chose to recognize the birthday of Cesar Chavez instead of  the resurrection of Christ. I am sure Cesar was a great guy but holy cow, are you kidding me?

Hello Bing!


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4 responses to “Why Google Sucks

  1. Johnny West

    I’ve had enough of google myself, but am not sure bing would be better. Gates has enough and he’s just as liberal if not more so.

    Love your dog pictures, BTW. I wish I could have another dog but am not set up for it here – I’d need one that moves a bit slower and more to my pace. heheheheh

    Regards, Big John

  2. Paul Brooks

    I am only surprised they didn’t have a pic of the Obamas sitting at the right hand of God
    Let’s face it, we’ve lost our country to the commies for the time being. We can hope it isn’t damaged irreparably.
    Google only brings itself to the low standards that the rest of pop media enjoys by doing what it did yesterday and it doesn’t surprise me. Meantime, they have agood product and I will continue to use it but but in protest of their political / socialist slant.

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