Francotte Boxlock

One of the benefits of being a double gun enthusiast is that often my friends ask me to clean their dirty bird guns! One of those fine fellows asked me to clean up his nice old Auguste Francotte boxlock. This grand old gun was made in Liege, Belgium, I would guess in the 1920’s.


Solid lock up with double under bites and a cross-bolt.

Beautiful oak leaf fences.



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9 responses to “Francotte Boxlock

  1. DeanMk1

    Absolutely gorgeous.
    I bet that gun’s as much of a dream to shoot, as it is to look at.
    I like a fine double as much as the next guy, but I wish someone would give break action singles the quality of workmanship.
    Often times, they are just as fine a shooter as any double.

    • Hi Dean, I have not fired that gun but I bet you are right! Single shots, other than entry level stuff, have been ignored. I guess they do not think there is a large enough market. Unless you are a trap shooter! Then you can get a Perazzi or Kreighoff. Awesome guns, but I know not what you are thinking.

  2. Envious of your gun-cleaning opportunity. Beautiful gun. Always amazed by fine checkring that has held its points through a century of use. Love best quality box locks. As always, impressed by you photography skills. Lighting is superb.

    • Thanks Jerry! It is a lot of fun to learn about and understand these old guns. This one has a lot of character and really beautify wood that I should take a picture of. Thanks for the photography compliment! Getting light under control is without a doubt the most challenging aspect of gun photography. That, and how to secure the gun somehow so you can take the picture.

  3. Tedd

    What a piece of art and history! If those engravings could talk!

  4. I wonder if they would tell us how thankfull they are to have been imported into the great U.S. of A and to miss the 1940s in Europe.

  5. michael laird

    how do you get history from Francotte on s.n. 87160 12 gauge side by side

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