Beretta 680

The workhorse of the Beretta line, the 680 series is the most successful over/under shotgun in terms of production and reliability that has ever been made.

That is a bold statement and yes I made it up, but now it is in writing on the internet so it must be true. Whether correct or not, it can’t be far from the truth. I can’t think of another, except for the terrific Browning Superposed / Citori line that might come close. These are wonderful guns and a very good value for the money. They look good, they handle well and are very reliable. I bought this 680 Skeet gun new 30 years ago and it has never malfunctioned. That “never” is unqualified and 30 years is a very long time. When someone asks what gun to go to for a solid target or bird gun, this is where I send them.

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I do like the reserved engraving on these earlier guns. If the price point dictates rolled or stamped engraving, then keep it simple and on the margins.


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13 responses to “Beretta 680

  1. Julian Sluskonis

    Maybe these guns were good 30 years ago but not today. My 687 has already needed a firing pin as well as the cam related to the opening lever replaced. My 686 has just had oversized locking pins installed and is scheduled to have larger barrel povot pins installed. I shoot 1 oz loads by the way.

  2. That is too bad. I wonder if your experience is common now.

  3. The current series, such as the 687 are entirely different to the largely hand made 680/682 guns

  4. The Beretta 680’s were hand finished internally, and the fore runner to the first 682. The 682 won just about every world title going – We have serviced a number of customers 680’s over the years and happy to state the early production 680 is the Beretta that will find the passage of time the easiest and continue to shoot the longest. The 680 was built at a time when Beretta’s foundation stones for competition guns were being laid in Europe and across the World, the build quality on these guns are very understated – do not hesitate in buying the 680, you will never pay the money its really worth, as the days when the 680’s were built as a new gun have past, there are very few guns on the market built to the same standards, and most with the same level of built quality will cost you many thousand. The most prized 680’s are those in the best condition, however the restoration of these guns back to new condition is relatively easy with a full parts back up service from Beretta.

  5. Ediz

    This gun, the 680, is really beyond words…It is perfect in every way.

  6. Gary

    I got a 680 Trap few years back from my boss that is as new. If it was fired it was very little. Any thoughts on Value?

    • Hi Gary, I am not sure, but I would guess around $1,000? . . . . but then I looked on Guns America and there is one there for $2K. So I don’t know. I would check the blue book of gun values if you can get your hands on one. They are great guns. If you are interested in selling yours, I might be interested. I am looking of a sporting clays gun. (I am always looking for a new gun!) A 680 trap would be a pretty good choice. I would not be able to go over $1,500 though.

  7. Mark Hancox

    I have had a 680 for 20 years, which I purchased second hand. It has been superb and even handled an evening of simulated drives (one drive I shot over 200 cartridges in under 5 minutes – with loader assistance).

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