Colorado Aspen Gold

This has been an incredible year if you like the high country fall colors. The right temps, moisture, lack of moisture, sunshine or whatever; the color has been intense and enduring. Another reason why fall is the best season of all. These shots were taken yesterday near Kenosha pass.

So what does this have to do with bird hunting?


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11 responses to “Colorado Aspen Gold

  1. Whew! Your Kung Fu is better than mine. Stunning images.

  2. Wow. If you take all of the ingredients out of gumbo, most of them taste pretty good on their own, but nowhere near as good as they taste together. That’s what this has to do with bird hunting.

  3. Well said, Mark! I knew there was a connection.

  4. Johnny West

    The aspens are beautiful – haven’t seen anything like
    that since I was in WY in ought 8. I better book another
    trip for next year.



  5. these things rarely boil down to luck. Nice try humble man.

  6. Ben

    B-E-A-U-tiful pictures! Im still waiting a bit for the Sugar Maples to come in nice here in W. MO. They rarely disappoint.

  7. “So what does this have to do with bird hunting?”


  8. softshelldecoys

    Enjoying the same here in UT this fall.

    Amazing photos!

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