Another AyA 4/53

Check out this earlier post on the AyA 4/53. These really are nice guns so here is another one.

Funny that the triggers are case colored. I think they would look better silver.


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12 responses to “Another AyA 4/53

  1. Scott

    So do I! My mother brought one of these over from Spain in the early 70’s as a surprise for my father, (an avid pump shotgun man) he shot at one bird with it and split his thumb wide open as he had a habit of leaving his thumb on the top of his gun and the lever got him. He handed it to me and I have hunted with it for over thirty years.

  2. Weeks Wyatt

    Who knew you forge a shotgun from the scent of a boner?

    I’ve decided to finally get my AyA’s engraving plate personalized. It will either read ‘WAW’ or ‘Sup’ Dog, I killed you.’ Any recommendation for someone to do it? or should I just pry it our with a pair of kitchen shears and take a dremmel to it?

    • WAW – most folks who visit the Birdhunter are not students of Kenny Powers and won’t get the boner reference. Also, never thought the phrase “scent of a boner” would show up in the Birdhunter blog. I will need to run that content by a committee of some sort.

      That said, the name plate IS crying out for expression. You might also consider “Dead Bird” or “Konichiwa Bitches”. The dremmel is the clearly the right tool for the job.

  3. Ronnie

    what is the shotgun worth?

  4. Steve

    I’m a little lost on the 15 inch LOP. I’ve been looking for a nice double but……15 inch length of pull? Wow. Can anyone under 6’3″ shoulder one quickly with a jacket of any kind while bird hunting? I’m 5 foot 10 and have short arms. I’d love to find one to handle but……..I just cannot imagine one being even close with most running 14 1/8 to 14.5. Am I missing something? God Bless

    • Hi Steve,
      I am about your height, my arms are average length and the double gun that fits me is 14 7/8. I rarely hunt in a heavy jacket and have no problem with a few layers. As you suggest, you should shoulder a few and settle on the one that feels right, but you might be surprised how a bit longer lop feels. I am sure there is gun fitting advice on the internet and you could spend some money on a gun fitting. I always like a lop that keeps my nose out of my thumb that is grabbing the wrist of the gun. Also, as important is the drop at heel. I don’t like a low shooting gun so I like a 2 1/4 or less drop. In the past makers, particularly American, had short lop and lots of drop at the heel on their field guns, not as bad on target guns. I don’t know how they hit anything!
      Thanks for visiting the Birdhunter!

      • Steve

        I think the MAIN difference is the whole “double trigger” LOP is different than a single trigger that Ive shot all my life. Neither the forward nor rear trigger corresponds to the location of a single trigger gun. IMHO one is further forward and the other is to the rear of where a single trigger would be. How MUCH that forward trigger (that is used for LOP measurements) is forward of a single trigger location probably varies per company. A model 21 single trigger with a LOP of 14 inches is MAX for me in a hunting gun. With a coat on, a quarter inch shorter and I know I’m free of hangups and faster. Believe me. At age 64, I’ve hunted “a few” birds over the past half decade but it wasn’t till just now that it dawned on me that the double triggers being in a different in location makes a large difference in the measured LOP. I’ll be driving the mandatory 3-4 hours, depending on which shop I go to in order to shoulder some DT guns, but I’ll wager the 14.5 and shorter LOP guns fit me much closer. Again, this is for a hunter not a clays use gun. Clay sports getting more attention over the years caused many to go with a longer LOP but Ive seen that choice become a disaster when they took the same gun hunting with me. Thanks for the reply. God Bless

      • Sounds good Steve. Have fun looking!

  5. Mike robb

    Been looking for a 4/53 20 gauge with 29 inch barrel for a long time
    That doesn’t cost 6000 Mike

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