Public Land Hunting – Oct ’22

The focus this year is hunting western public land. Vast sections of BLM land, national grasslands, and state hunter walk-in access provide abundant opportunities. So far, we have found tolerable pressure, encountering few other hunters, and bird numbers have been acceptable. I hope you enjoy these pictures from our October hunts. If you are interested, these hunting spots are all about 125 miles southeast of Houston. Hope we see you there! šŸ™‚

Point & Honor!

The grasses are great and the birds are much improved. So far, a wonderful bird hunting year.

Photogenic Oak!

Wyatt and Oak getting after them!

Bird hunting provides a refuge from the chaos and insanity of the world. It is endless hikes on the rough, rocky, potholed ground in the wild, beautiful places; tending to hard-hunting, beloved bird dogs; alone with your thoughts, and sometimes at the mercy of mother nature. Responsibilites are on hold, there is no management to appease, no demands other than those self-imposed, no political insanity, and no real schedule to keep; it is a wonderful, exhausting kind of rest.

Hungarian Partridge plumage. Beautiful birds.

What now?

Sweet Nebraska cover.

Milo and Elsa – great Small Munsterlanders.

Andrew walks the perimeter of a CRP field.

Sweet Henry and his awesome nose.

Andrew and Milo.

8.7 miles for 3.5oz of wild quail. Hunting public land demands a love of the country, the joy of working with dogs, and not so much trigger-pulling. Sometimes the birds are slim pickings, so those in their youth looking for a lot of shooting and filled limits should hunt somewhere else!

When hunting the crop circle corners, be sure to stay out of the farmer’s corn.

Henry is ready for another field.

Nebraska beef!

This is nonsense with Photoshop!

I hope you all are enjoying a great hunting season and thank you for visiting the Birdhunter.


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  1. rickhartle

    Thanks, great pictures he has changed and is looking great.

  2. gay fred

    what kind of shit is this?

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