Pheasant Hunting in Regent, ND

Regent, North Dakota is a favorite pheasant hunting destination. We hunt with Cannonball Company who always does a terrific job. Pheasant numbers were down this year, as they are everywhere, but there were plenty of birds to go around.

Here is an amazing pheasant sculpture just outside of town. These are huge, the cock’s legs are probably 12 feet tall.

Pheasant sculpture seen from a hunting field.

The dining hall. Pedestrian liquor and edible fare, no Michelin stars here but it sure is good after a day chasing roosters.

A picture perfect farm. Everything in its place and the fields loaded with birds. Bird hunting euphoria.

Sub-zero blowing snow. It can be brutally cold but generally the October and November weather is pretty darn nice.

Ready to roll.

On point in wheat stubble.

In the field. Click on the picture for a better view.

Obligatory tailgate carnage shot

Politically incorrect rabbit still.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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4 responses to “Pheasant Hunting in Regent, ND

  1. Mmmm, rabbit stew! One of my favorites.

  2. David Fiedler

    Very nice..Did you run into any Huns or chickens?

    • When we hunt near Dickinson – just an hour or so west of Regent – we run into a random covey of Huns or a few Sharps, but have never seen them around Regent. We consider them bonus birds. I think that better populations would be in Montana, but what the heck do I know!

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