Franchi 48 AL 20 Deluxe Shotgun

Here is Franchi’s 48 AL 20 gauge deluxe shotgun. We took this brand new gun out to the clays course to try it out. It is a light, slim, petite shotgun and was great fun to shoot. Even though it is light it feels solid and well built. It will be perfect for dove, quail, any preserve bird and I am sure it would kill wild pheasants as well. Being recoil operated (as opposed to gas operated) it reminds me of shooting the great Browning A-5.


This is a classy and elegant gun. Synthetics may be more practical and durable, but who doesn’t love the look and feel of walnut and steel (or aluminum)?


Even though it only weighs in at about 5 and 1/2 pounds the gun handled very well. It smoked the targets just fine and there were no malfunctions. This will be a pleasure to carry in the field. My only complaint is that you have to depress the bolt release on the side of the action to release the shell carrier so you can load rounds into the magazine. This felt a little awkward but I am sure it would be no big deal once you are use to it.


 Happy couple with their new auto-loading shotgun.

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Pretty gun!

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