Colorado Walk-In Area Bird Hunting

Yesterday was a picture perfect day to visit one of Colorado’s many walk-in hunting areas. Colorado does a nice job trying to provide hunting opportunities and has enrolled about 215,000 acres in this program that allows hunters to access private land at no cost. In addition to free hunting we had perfect weather – highs in the mid-40’s, partly cloudy with a slight breeze.



We were looking for scaled quail. They hang out in Cholla cactus and this property had plenty of that.



Aermotor Windmill Company has been in business since 1888 and is still cranking these things out.


That nose is looking for birds



Tex track



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2 responses to “Colorado Walk-In Area Bird Hunting

  1. Sadly, walk-in access is something our state is lacking. If you don’t know the landowner you’re SOL. There’s a project for another year.

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