Tex turns 3 today . . . Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

It is hard to believe that Tex turns 3 years old today. Time has certainly flown by . . . all the more reason to hunt often and hunt hard! Hopefully we have a decade of hunting together in front of us.




Click on a picture below to scroll through the pictures.



No privacy at the park!


Our sweet boy three years ago.


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2 responses to “Tex turns 3 today . . . Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

  1. Dean

    Ah, now you’ve done it. When I was growing up, we had a shorthair, too. Mine was more white than yours, but that dog was a puppy all the way up until he passed away. Great hunting dog and my best friend. Nikki. Big jowls and a super sensitive nose. Dad always said he was a little heavy on the bloodhound. I notice you have a picture of your dog swimming. Does he try to step on top of the water like mine used to? We went bird hunting almost every weekend during the fall and winter months for the 7 years he was alive. He was always up for it, too.
    I really miss that ol’ dog.
    Those are some nice pictures you took. Thanks for the memories.

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