Setter Points

Meet Dodger and Layla, two exceptional English Setters. Here are some shots from a fun afternoon on preserve chukars. It was dastardly cold, but the light was wonderful. Dodger is six, at the top of his game, and Layla is about 7 months. She performed well, naturally honoring and retrieving. I hope you enjoy these beautiful bird dogs.

A beautiful point by Dodger!
Sweet Layla.
Dodger on a solid point, Layla honoring!
Good Dog!!
A successful retrieve.

Currently is it zero degrees here in Denver. Stay Warm!

Thanks for visiting the Birdhunter!


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6 responses to “Setter Points

  1. Excellent photos, especially on a bone-cold day. It’s -16 this morning in Northeast Iowa, so Abbey and I are sitting by the woodstove watching birds flock to the feeder. Layla honoring and retrieving at seven months! She is going to be an exceptional bird dog.

  2. DeanMk1

    Great pics and beautiful dogs. Looks like a great outing. Thanks for bringing us along…and I don’t feel quite so bad now after reading the other posts. I might have 6″ of snow on the ground, but its a balmy 35 degrees here in Western Washington. =)

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