North Dakota Deep Freeze

Historically, we have pretty decent weather on our hunts but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Our North Dakota hunt was at the apex of an epic winter blast from Canada. Only one of the four days had high temps that flirted with double digits. On that day we traded a few degrees for 30 – 40 mph wind and blowing snow. Despite the brutal cold we still had a great hunt. We took our limit of birds each day, no worry of the dogs overheating (only worrying about them freezing to death) and because we were ready and well dressed, we were over all pretty comfortable.


There was some trepidation at getting out of the warm truck and braving the elements.


Pheasant rooster on a frozen tail gate.


No doubt that we love our dogs.


The “Frozen Eleven”.


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8 responses to “North Dakota Deep Freeze

  1. Alan Howell

    Wow! That does look cold especially if the wind is blowing. By the way, I live in Alaska and we have been around 50 degrees during the day. Go figure .Looks like this was a trip that won’t be forgotten. By looking at the smiles, it looks like a good time was had by all. Thanks for the post.

  2. Ben, I’ve got some fond memories of bird hunts with you years ago but I’m sorry that trip just doesn’t look very fun! Burrrrrr! Great pic’s however! -Chuck

  3. Ah the “Enchanted Highway” We usually make it out there every October but were unable to make it this year. What a great place. Glad y’all had a good hunt.

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