Happiness is a Flat of Shells!

South Dakota’s pheasant season opens next weekend. The bird outlook is dramatically improved over last year, but still below the 10 year average. We missed the September seasons because of family commitments so this next weekend is the beginning of our season.


Above  are the favorite loads, Federal Premium 6s. This is almost $200 worth of shot shells, but I am not complaining! At least there are shells to buy.


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10 responses to “Happiness is a Flat of Shells!

  1. Sean

    That’s a lot of shells for a few days…plan on missing often? lol. Looking forward to the opening.

  2. Tedd

    My latest bird to shot ratio would be around ten birds using the entire flat … not braggin’ just stating fact. 😉

  3. It’s similar to that feeling of happiness you get when the indicator on the fuel gauge of your pickup swings all the way over to “FULL.” Good luck on your SD pheasant hunt. Hope your dog points a dozen birds each day, and you shoot a limit.

    • Great analogy! In addition to the shells all the obligatory, frivolous pre-hunt stuff has been purchased (but not paid for), the guns are clean and cased, the dog is wound up and extra attentive, the job has been reminded of the coming days off and that there is NO connectivity where I am going and the wife is back on Match.com. We are ready to GO! Thank you for the well wishes and same to you! Btw – read and loved your book.

  4. Good luck out there! For better or worse I hope you run out of shells, which isn’t a bad problem to have.

  5. MJB

    You’re going to give Curt Honeyman a coronary not shooting 4s. Have fun.

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