A Day with the Kids

We took the boys on a preserve Chukar hunt yesterday. Colder and windier than we expected but the light was terrific and everyone had a great time.


Here are some of the pictures from the hunt. Click on a picture to scroll through the gallery.


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9 responses to “A Day with the Kids

  1. That’s awesome, you’re getting some kids out to experience dogs and bird hunting. It should be a prerequisite for every hunting to have to take a kid out at least once per season in order to get a license!

    • Thanks! The next one where the son is holding up the feather may be one of the best pictures I have ever taken. Not sure why, I will need to get a book on photography to find out! I think the perfect soft light, the out of focus background (bokeh) the pop of the main subject colors all come into play.

  2. Bryan

    I like the fact that others are taking kids out. I try to get mine out when conditions here in the Midwest allow for it. Had my daughter out on three hunts this year and she started a blog about hunting and our pups. Kids need to experience the outdoors if we have any hope at saving some of it!

    This is the blog her and I have been working on this season!


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