Vintage Hoppe’s #9

This very old jar of Hoppe’s #9 came from Granddad’s closet. Along with his shoes and clothes, that closet held his leather slip-cased Winchester shotgun, a WWII German Luger and his Stetson hat.  When we were kids it was a place of curious intrigue. Sadly, that closet and dear grandfather are both long gone. What remains are his guns, these cleaning supplies and memories of him and the sweet smell of leather, old guns and #9.





 . . . as to anoint all the bore . . . never cork up the bore. . .



“Polarized” Sheath is what he used to keep his guns rust free.


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4 responses to “Vintage Hoppe’s #9

  1. The smell of old guncase leather, cleaning solvents and oils, battered wooden cleaning rods — these things trigger memories that are both sad and joyful. Along with the ‘heirloom’ guns, they are the symbols of the character of our fathers, the sport the loved, and the times we spent with them. We are so fortunate they passed these valued things on to us. Excellent photos.

  2. Thanks Jerry, very well said!! Funny you mentioned battered wooden cleaning rods. I have a set from him that I thought about putting in this post. They are sectioned and when you assemble them you get a fragile, crooked stick. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. ryanware

    How well I remember Hoppe’s. My grandfather and father were both custom gun makers so I remember seeing all kinds of solvents and packaging for products in their shops. Stuff used to come in really useful packaging. All kinds of little boxes that could be repurposed and so on.

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