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The Nefarious AR-14

Here it is. 8 pounds of black evil, the AR-14 assault rifle

OK, good old Joe meant AR-15 when he said AR-14. 220, 221, whatever it takes.
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I am afraid this it too true. . . .


…right now.

We just want you all on a list so we know where you are when we do.

If that takes a law requiring you to have your driver’s license scanned when you buy ammunition, go to the range etc. It’s okay.

If it means you have to get a license every 5-years… Who does it really hurt?

Should you sell your gun to someone else and we have new laws making you liable for their actions… All the better.

Nobody wants bad things to happen.

Just respect our authority to “slightly” limit what kind of guns you can own.

Accept that we can make “small” changes to the bill of rights without amending it.

Don’t you understand?

It’s all within reason.

The way we see it there is nothing to disagree with here….  you agree with us, right?  Of course you do.  You’re not insane…

We care about you… and your children.  Often…

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