9 Months of Tex

Tex is nine months old today. He is right at 80 pounds and a super-sweet guy. Next weekend he will be freezing his pecker off in North Dakota, his first big-time hunt. We will be hunting four days, he has no idea of the fun just ahead!

Bark softly and chew a big stick

What – four more years of Obama???

Tex loves to swim.

Holding his own at the dog park

Pretty dog.


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2 responses to “9 Months of Tex

  1. Alan Howell

    Tex is a pretty big boy. I started hunting my shorthair at Nine mo. old. He is 5 yrs old now. He was big too. He weighs 115# now. He is papered and comes from the more traditional line of GSP. We live in Alaska,and hunt ptarmigan,and grouse. We also go to idaho several weeks a year when we can afford it. We didn’t go this year and its breaking our heart not to be there. Good hunting to you. Please look us up if you make it to Alaska. Ptarmigan hunting starts Aug 10th each year.

  2. Thank you Alan! Look for a post on the North Dakota hunt soon.

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