Tex on Birds

Yesterday was a big day for Tex. Not quite 6 months old we put him on live birds for the first time. By nature Tex is a very sweet, mellow dog and we love him in the house but you wonder what will happen when he has feathers in his face. Will he have interest, not to mention intensity and an enthusiasm to hunt? Is he going to get it and fulfill his bird dog destiny, or is he going to lay in the shade under the truck and lick his balls?

Not to worry, Tex gets it. Within 45 minutes he went from mildly curious to a bird dog with fire in his eyes. With guidance from our trainer, John Augustine of Nickel Creek Gun Dogs, we had a tremendously successful day. Tex learned what a game bird is, what they smell like and how they taste. To see the light come on, to see the instinct kick in, to see your puppy perform is an incredible experience. I think I am tearing up.

Tex worked the field well, he picked up scent and worked it to the bird. He pointed and held point well and we were able to shoot over him with no ill effect. You always worry about gun shyness, but happily there was none of that. He did pretty good on the retrieve as well. Being his first time, none of this was flawless or executed consistently but the skills are certainly there. Most importantly he was into it and we have the opportunity to develop a terrific gun dog and also have a wonderful pal back at the ranch.

Pick Me! Pick Me! The Chucker Hunger Games.


Tex gets it now. Ears swept back on a standing point. Nothing to this!


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9 responses to “Tex on Birds

  1. Travis Roberts

    Good jobTex!!!

  2. Grant Cannatella

    Beautiful work Tex!! Dad did a pretty good job with his camera too.

  3. tedd edmondson

    Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy, yes you are!! Greatness! Good looking dog! Tex ain’t too bad lookin’ either!!

  4. Great looking dog, and a fun read. I know exactly what you mean when you write about the anticipation of what your dog will do and how he/she will react. It’s almost too much to handle at times. You wait, watch, listen, and then, when it all starts to come together, your breath a sigh of relief and enjoy the moment. I’ll look forward to reading about all Tex’s adventures in the coming months! Congrats on his first big day!

  5. Oh, he gets it. Only gets better from here. Can’t wait to see him work this fall.

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