Beautiful Bird Dogs

The joy of bird hunting is found in our dogs. We learn to work together, training the finer points, and enjoying their miraculous bird hunting instinct. Here is Henry on his last hunting morning of the season. It was a great first season for him and he dramatically exceeded our expectations. I hope you enjoy these pictures of the handsome pointers we had the privilege to hunt with this season.

Henry looking good in the early morning light.

Getting ready for the hunt; loading up a vintage Winchester Model 12 in 16 gauge.

English Setter Layla.

English Setter Dodger.

English Setter Cale.

English Setter Oak. Henry consistently honors other dog’s points, one of those inborn instincts. Certainly not the work of his trainer!

Deutsch Kurzhaar Henry in Wyoming.

Solid point. It is easy to tell that he is sure.

Small Munsterlanders Milo and Elsa

Elsa never misses. She is a wise, methodical dog.

Pudelpointer Harley

Elsa on point with a backer, backing the backer!

Love the intensity!

Sweet Henry! I hope we have many years hunting together.

A bloodied English Pointer. This is my favorite bird dog picture of the season.

I’ll see you damn dogs next season! Go play in traffic!


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4 responses to “Beautiful Bird Dogs

  1. Diane Calvert

    Great pics! Wouldn’t want to kiss Harley on the mouth.🤣

  2. Jesse Grimes

    Nice! No bad dogs here!
    Can’t stop a “pointer” !
    Thanks for sharing.

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