Turkey Head

Since turkeys are birds, hunting them must qualify as “bird hunting” but if you ask me its much more like hunting big game. Head-to-toe in camo you sneak into the woods, sit perfectly still and then when you get a tom in range you shoot him in the face with a shotgun. No flushing coveys, no dogs, no talking.  Just like deer hunting except the spring weather is beautiful and later you get to de-tick your balls.

Joking aside, hunting turkeys is a blast. Being in the woods at day break holds its own magic – song birds erupt, a distant maniacal yelping of a coyote pack, the ungraceful crashing of a turkey flock coming off the roost and then the stirring, booming gobble of a courting tom. Exciting stuff.

Here is a Texas Rio Grande Tom, bizarre but beautifully iridescent. Talk to Mike Wyatt at First Shot Outfitters for a terrific Texas turkey hunt.

Spring in Texas also means beautiful Bluebonnets . . .

. . . and Diamondback Rattlesnakes.


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2 responses to “Turkey Head

  1. Wow – gorgeous pics!

    And I couldn’t agree more – turkeys are a unique pursuit that are really addictive (though it kills me to leave the dog at home).

    • Thanks! That turkey hunting gets in your blood. Love your Lee Marvin moniker. That looks like a pic from The Comancheros. Wasn’t he great in The Professionals, The Big Red One, The Dirty Dozen . . . . . !

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