A Gun Rack for Side by Side Shotguns

The Birdhunter’s sweet wife gave up the spare bedroom so it could be used as a reloading and gun room. A perfect place to display the side by side bird guns, I needed a gun rack that would present the shotguns horizontally. Obviously there is not much of a market for such a thing so I made it myself. It was a fun project and, as the design was kept simple, it turned out pretty good I think.



Black walnut rough stock



No fingers were lost!



The Bosch 4100 table saw did a fine job on the cuts.



The completed project.


A French cleat holds the rack securely to the wall.



Trigger cradle adds a bit of security to keep guns from jumping off the rack.


Leather lines the barrel shelves.



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9 responses to “A Gun Rack for Side by Side Shotguns

  1. Diane Calvert

    Pretty good….I’d say extremely good my
    dear brother!

  2. What kind of finish did you use?

  3. Grant Cannatella

    Beautiful Ben! Awesome job! Looking forward to another day afield with you and a few good bird dogs. Happy New Year!

  4. Very nice! Well thought out and handsome. I may need to build one.

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