Why Bird Hunters Carry Pliers.

If on a nice walk in the woods . . .


. . you might run into one of these . . .


. . . and your dog may sprout a quill goatee . . .


. . . and you will need some pliers . . .


No fun for anyone.


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7 responses to “Why Bird Hunters Carry Pliers.

  1. No fun. At least most of them don’t do it twice. Hope your dog is ok!

    My golden lab has been sprayed 6 times in 2012. I’m starting to think she likes the smell..

  2. Alan Howell

    Been there,done that with my shorthair. Only once so far and hope one porky was enough. He went on hunting after I pulled all the quills out like nothing ever happened.

  3. Nick

    Ouch! We hunt the desert southwest, no porcupines but out here jumping cholla are pretty common. Pliers are a must.

  4. bigelk

    My dog rolled on porcupine carcass earlier this season. She seemed to be enjoying it when I pulled her off it.

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