Tex at One Year

Tex turned one year old on the 8th. At just under 90 pounds he is a lot more dog that we expected but we wouldn’t trade him for anything!



Our first look at Tex, before we knew that he would be our boy.


His first day home.


What a cute fellow he was. The chicks on Pintrest have pinned him about 10,000 times!


He is a big boy now.


Big Tex – handsome and sweet! We look forward to many hunting seasons with him.


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4 responses to “Tex at One Year

  1. Diane Calvert

    Sweet Tex! He sure is a blessing. But then,
    so are you!

  2. Aki

    Hi. I also have a three year old GSP and I enjoy reading your blog. Happy birthday to Tex! He is a big boy!

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