Shot Swarm

Summer is for clay target shooting. This beautiful Colorado memorial weekend we hit the sporting clays course and captured the incoming swarm of #8s.





These floating orange discs are begging for obliteration.


How satisfying is it when you do it right? Your head is clear and your vision is good. You are present, you are in the moment and the targets seem just a bit bigger and slower than usual. You shoulder the gun just right and swinging through the target you keep your head glued to the stock as you pull the trigger and keep the gun moving like a golf swing follow through. It feels good, comfortable and natural, you know you nailed it before it happens. The target disappears into a puff of smoke. Man that felt good.

Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all those who serve and who sacrificed.




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8 responses to “Shot Swarm

  1. Sean

    That is so cool. Crystal clear. Where were you? We need to speak ASAP, will call you tomorrow.

  2. Looking at the “swarm”, it’s harder to accept all the misses.
    It is a fascinating photo.

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