First Point

Meet Oak. The sweet guy is a Llewellin English Setter from Paint River Llewellins out of Saugarties, New York. We took him out on a beautiful summer morning to learn what birds smell like.




What have we here?


What a cute pup he is!




The beginning. Hopefully many years of chasing birds ahead!


A little help with the tail. . . .nice point!


Now he knows what they smell like!


Oak and Mother.


Handsome boy!


Tex spent the morning running through the grass.



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14 responses to “First Point

  1. John

    Beautiful Dog – He is going to be a good one!

  2. Beautiful. May there be hundreds more ahead. Thousands.

  3. Diane

    Beautiful pup! May Oak and Tex have many years of hunting
    Together. Props to the photographer!!

  4. Great looking pup!
    Hunted over English Setters last fall for first time. Energetic breed and fun to watch hunting late season roosters in North Dakota!

  5. Wow. Great looking pup. I will be using this in the endless argument with the wife for another setter in the house.

  6. A beautiful dog. I have a Ryman cousin, that was identical in appearance, at the same age.
    You have good taste in dogs.

  7. matt

    My comment is that “Oak” is not actually oak he is a dog named tucker who had knee surgery he was born on may 12th 2018 how I know this is because hes my dog and i got him from c fox kennels in sand lake michigan

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