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The Dog Park

Summer in Colorado is a wonderful time . . . fly fishing the Rockies, baseball in LoDo, sporting clays, BBQ on the deck, no bugs, no humidity. It is a great time to own a¬†convertible! Summer is also the time to get the dogs in shape for the coming bird season. If you are partners with a bird dog, then you know that a walk around the block won’t cut it. These dogs need to run and run and run. I wish I had a section of land out my back door, as I am sure some of you do, but I don’t. Living on 1/4 acre allows me to keep my farming and ranching costs in check but I need a place to let the dog have at it.

Living in Denver we are fortunate to have a 69 acre off-lease dog park at the Chatfield State Park. There is a massive amount of public land in Colorado. If you live in town, little of it is¬†convenient to visit with the frequency needed to keep your dog happy and in shape. This park provides a wonderful in-town alternative to let the dogs run to their heart’s content and is minutes from the house. Here are some pictures from our visits starting with a Meadowlark that sat still just long enough . . .

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