Texas Bird Dogs

We love West Texas quail hunting for a lot of reasons but mostly because we get to hunt behind these beautiful pointers. I can’t imagine hunting without them. Below are some of the superb animals at First Shot Outfitters.  These are hardworking dogs, tools of the trade who spend their lives doing exactly what they were put on earth to do. I can’t think of a place I would rather be than walking up on one of these puppies pointing the way to old Bob.

Chain gang waiting for the afternoon hunt.

Flash, a world-class athlete driven to hunt, she had a heart of gold. She was my favorite, but is gone now.


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7 responses to “Texas Bird Dogs

  1. Looks pleasant. Please don’t tell me these photos were taken during the recent cold spell that’s gripped the entire country. If they were, I’m moving to TX!

  2. Nope, these were taken over the years. The most recent were in 2009. We usually hunt in December and the weather that time of year is about perfect . . usually. Even a forecast of frozen precip shuts everything down in Texas. I am glad I missed it!

  3. Rigby

    Love it! But I’ll disagree on one thing. I’d rather chase blues than bobs any day.

  4. Searay

    Great looking outfitter and pointers too! Looks first rate! I hope to be moving to the Dallas area soon … I know that’s still far away but compared to where I am here in Ohio now it’s still a lot closer! I’ll check in with First Shot when I get down there.

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