Browning Superposed

Here are two Diana grade Superposed shotguns from the mid 1960’s  A 12 gauge with 2 sets of barrels and a 20 gauge.  They are lovely guns, especially the lively 20 gauge. Passed from grandfather to grandson these guns have seen their share of action but remain in excellent condition.

20 gauge

12 gauge


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3 responses to “Browning Superposed

  1. Johnny West

    Those are magnificent and thanks for sharing.

    I have a 12 Lightening and !2 3″ F/F I love.


    Big John

  2. crisptriggers

    Terrific photos of some fine old fellows. There are lighter, trendier guns to carry in the field, but like a veteran quarterback who’s “been there before,” you can count on a Superposed during any big hunt.

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