Tex’s Water Adventure with Merrick Backcountry Dog Food

Tex loves to swim. If we let him, he would swim to Cuba, but thankfully he lives in Colorado and won’t get the chance to try! Merrick asked us to have an adventure and give an update on how he is doing on the Backcountry dog food so we picked a swim day.


Wet Tex


To get ready for his day in the water, Tex started the day with a can of Merrick’s Backcountry Alpine Rabbit Stew. He has been eating the dry dog food for about 2 months now and he loves the stuff. It has been very good for his digestion, even though it is very high in protein, and his coat is noticeably softer and silkier.


This is the wabbit stew. It smelled and looked great.


If a dog likes the dry food, then typically they LOVE the wet stuff. Merrick’s line of canned Backcountry foods is no exception. Tex and his brother, Jack, gobbled it down like it was their last meal.


Lip smacking good!

Click on a picture to scroll though his swim day . . .




Hmm, Duck and Venison . . . . . man, this sounds too good to feed to the dog!


Honey! Dinner is ready! (what Mrs. Birdhunter doesn’t know won’t hurt her)


AAAHWOOOOO – Tex loves the Merrick Backcountry dog food.

To learn more about Merrick Backcountry dog food then click HERE

Merrick Backcountry Logo (2)

This post is brought to you in partnership with Merrick. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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6 responses to “Tex’s Water Adventure with Merrick Backcountry Dog Food

  1. Diane

    Great post! Love Mr andMrs Birdhunter!!

  2. Alan Howell

    Great pictures! I’ll have to try serving that secret recipe for the wife too.

  3. Matt Fordham

    Great photos of both Jack and Tex. It is obvious that you take great care of them. I am certainly grateful that I get to help!

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