Western Sharptails

Hunting grouse and partridge on the vast plains of the west distills bird hunting to its base elements. . . persistence, stamina, skill and luck. No planted birds, no limiting out in an hour, no horse drawn buggy, no easy walk through a food plot – this is hiking for miles, wearing the dogs out, sweating the finish off your shotgun and putting your boots to the test while looking for the needle in the haystack. The hope is that when you find that needle fatigue does not rob you of the ability to wing shoot a fast flushing bird that is a bit farther out than you like. This is hunting for the die hard bird hunter.

But there is a peaceful joy in hunting limitless land. The dogs run unfettered, you seldom see another hunter and your only responsibly is to follow your dogs and perform when the opportunity presents itself. If you keep at it you will find them and when you do it is because you paid your dues. . . . you didn’t buy it, you earned it.


The excellent camouflage of the Sharptail grouse


The truck ready to go.


Tex ran beyond his heart’s content. Right now he is in the best condition of his life.


Lots of places to look for birds.

Click on a picture to view this gallery . . .


Keeping the dog watered on a warm hunt.


Lilly on the huns.


A well earned limit of sharptail grouse.

Click on a picture to view this gallery . . .


Not prime beef. Life and death are in full bloom on the plains.



Tex is a sweet boy. We love the dogs.


A grouse on a log


This is the kind of grass that bird hunters love.


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2 responses to “Western Sharptails

  1. TCNM

    Beautiful pictures. The shot of the grouse on the log is exquisite. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never hunted sharptails but I intend to.

    • Thank you! I don’t think that sharp had ever seen a hunter before. My advice on hunting Sharptail Grouse is to invest in the best, most comfortable boots you can find. Thanks for visiting.

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