Heading Into Summer

It was a great hunting season! Not as many birds as we would have liked but Tex’s knees performed well and we are ready to take on the next 5 years or so. The bird hunting is over for a while and we look forward to the wonderful Colorado summer and Sunday afternoons at the dog park!

Tex is always “balls to the wall” at the park.

Must be a covey of Huns in there!

Wet Tex.

I don’t know what breed of dog this is, but this little fellow had the peddle to the mettle! He was moving as fast as I have seen any dog run. I believe he thought he was running for his life.

What breed of dog do you think this is?

Catching some air at 100 mph.

There are always geese overhead at the dog park.


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13 responses to “Heading Into Summer

  1. DeanMk1

    Beautiful pics. I believe the little white and brown dog is a wire haired version of a Jack Russell terrier.

  2. Thanks for the ID! I believe you are right. Super cute dog.

  3. Wyo Setters

    Crazy ass lookin’ dog though ya gotta love the intensity!

    • Yes! Not your standard dog. But he don’t point so I lose interest pretty quick!

      • Wyo Setters

        Ha ha! Roger that. Ya know, years ago I did have a Rat Terrier that would point pheasants…or should I say would back a pointing dog who found the birds. Pound for pound, Terriers are truly the “versatile” breed. Say, if you’re bored out of your mind…check out my latest shitty video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZExYY2UoIDQ Did some exploring not too far from where you hunted in Wyoming.

      • That is some good looking bird country! Love the sage and I love that the points happen with your truck so close. Also your setters are great, looks and nice points. Thank you for sharing! How is the spring shaping up? Looks like WY is one of the few states not in the drought. Birdhunter.

  4. Wyo Setters

    Spring is shaping up nicely. Barring any late Spring snowstorm, looks like just the right amount of moisture out there plus a lot of hoppers/bug life around for future chick feed. I took another scouting trip with the dogs yesterday…in more of a badlands territory vs. prime bird country. Dogs did find some Chuks though to mark down on the GPS. About those “close to the truck” points…you would think that driving into a spot, dropping the tailgate and all that commotion getting ready would spook the birds but many times I’ve had dogs lock up on point (and have the birds) no more than 30′ away. Heck, we’ve made huge swings, covered many miles and sometimes dogs would go on point right back within 100′ of the truck. I’ve actually returned to the truck before and have found bird droppings and tracks on the hood of the vehicle…a sense or revenge?!?! 🙂

    • HA! I too have run into birds right by the truck after a 3 hour tour! Looking forward to next season, good to hear mother nature is cooperating. I will let you know when we are coming up, maybe we could meet.

  5. That video is great! I love the music you picked. Reminds me of John Wayne! That is great county. I am ready to hunt. I will let you know when we are headed up. Thanks!

  6. Birdhunter, it was great seeing you last night & getting a chance to chat a little. You’ve got some great pics on this site. I’ll check back again soon.

    I’m filling in the info below, but I don’t really have a website. I’m putting a link to my Instagram account – It’s mostly pics of a couple of old Miatas I have doing a scavenger hunt deal for Moss Miata 🙂

  7. Love the Writing and that WY slideshow. Since I live in WY and run a setter myself (along with a French Brittany) I think I have many of the same photos. As for conditions going into summer- at least in the NE part of the state we’ve had lots of moisture and the cover is getting pretty wooly. I think we’ve dodged any late spring storms so the brood rearing conditions look favorable. Fingers crossed!

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