More Puppy Pics

Tex has been with us for two weeks and is 40% bigger than when he arrived. At 9 weeks he is learning the key commands well and though I hesitate to say this, we think he is house broken. (I am sure he took a crap in my wife’s new shoes as I wrote this.)

Dogs playing “happily” together.

No intensity here!

When I get done with this dump, I am gonna bite his face off.

Learning to climb the stairs.

Stairs mastered.


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15 responses to “More Puppy Pics

  1. I love seeing the pictures of your dog Tex, he reminds me a lot of my dog Cody at that age 2 years old now. I’ll keep checking back.

  2. Susan richie

    I saw the picture of Tex on Pinterrst he is STUNNING! I hope to have a German Short Hair one day. I have two precious English Bulldogs that I worship. So don’t mind me if I ck your blog to keep up with Tec as he grows and admire his pictures.

  3. Mary Donnelly

    German shorthairs are by far the best dogs in the world! Tex is beautiful!

  4. asher2789

    omg adorable! i have a german shorthair taking a nap on my bed as i write this… too cute!! ❤

  5. My sister sent me the Pinterest pic from your blog- we had a GSP for 11 wonderful years – he was the best dog we ever had. Your pics bring it all back! Enjoy that sweet, smart (scary smart!) dog!

  6. nicole

    This dog is beautiful!!

  7. Kalei Turley

    Can you tell me who your breeder was? Do German shorthair pointer shed much?

  8. Daniel Barnard

    What a beautiful dog! What kennel is he from?

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