Tex went to southern Colorado yesterday to find a quail or two. The quail were sparse but the cactus were not! Here are some pictures from the day.

Solid point on a cholla cactus.

OUCH!  To jam your face in cactus . . . dedication or stupidity? If there had been a big, fat covey of blue quail, then maybe dedication. But this was all in the pursuit of a stinking mouse! I know I should “correct” him but it seemed the end result served that purpose . . .

. . . instead of a mouse appetizer he gets a face full of needles! Poor Tex!

The cholla is not an attractive plant.

Twisted cedar.

Old fence post with barbed wire in sage.

Stepping on this will get your attention.

A nice corral. Cattle are popular business in the area.

Goats (antelope)

Some areas in rural Colorado are not so prosperous.

Despite the pain, Tex had a great day on the cactus-festooned plains!



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