Cheap December Quail

We spent some of December looking for quail on public land. Hunting public land can be challenging because of . . . well . . . the public. But birds are there if you are willing to work to find them and the price is right! Here are some of the pictures of that effort . . .

A bird in hand.

A peaceful spot at dusk.

Tex next to a Cholla cactus. The cactus in the areas where quail like to hang out is BRUTAL on the dogs. The Cholla are bad but the ground cover cactus is worse. Solving this thorny issue is a big deal. There really is no great solution that we have found. Most dog boots appear to be made for a gentle walk around the block, heavy duty dog boots will still be pierced by cactus and can rub your dogs paws raw, not to mention filling up with sand and debris. We will figure this out and when we do I will post our solution here.

The whole season this year has been warm. It is important to keep the dogs watered. We are decked out in blaze orange because it happened to also be deer season. I did not want Tex, or myself, to be confused with a whitetail deer!

Grain silos at dawn.

Sweet Tex!

Point in the grass.

The birds are not as abundant as in the last couple of years, but still enough for a fun and fruitful hunt.

Happy New Year from the Birdhunter!


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  1. Tedd

    Great pictures!!

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