Puppy Pics for Easter!

Henry is just over three months old and is doing great. He is completely assimilated into the family and is such a wonderfully biddable dog. We think he is super intelligent, mainly because he likes to watch TV and has learned a few commands. Our only issue is that when we think he is finally house-broken, he will piss on the carpet. I am sure in a week or so, he will cross that finish line! Here are some new pics of him. We will be glad we captured some of his puppy days because he is growing fast! 31 pounds today. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

We should have named him “Flash”!

Already, sometimes he looks like a dog and not a pup.

Plenty of ears for stability!

Do I smell a treat?

Waiting to grow into his ears.

He chewed up Mrs. Birdhunter’s purse, so we pulled his teeth. Actually, this is mid-bark.

Henry says ‘Happy Easter”! He is a bit disappointed that he did not get to meet the Easter Bunny.


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6 responses to “Puppy Pics for Easter!

  1. Jesse Grimes

    Handsome Guy !

  2. Tedd

    In case you never heard of this, it works miracles!


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