DK at the Dog Park

Deutsch Kurzhaar (GSP) Henry is a week away from 6 months old. He is still very much a puppy, but in many ways we see the awesome bird dog that he is going to be. I hope you enjoy these pictures of his progress.

Steely-eyed bird dog.

Running with the big dogs!

Flowers were in full bloom at the dog park. They complimented the perfect Colorado weather.

Henry had never been for a swim before. Our first GSP, Rio, hated the water. Our second GSP, Tex, loved the water. I am happy to report that Henry too loves the water. There was ZERO hesitation! It was like he has been swimming for years.

Drowned rat!

We took advantage of the Saturday puppy class at Valhalla. Henry had his first encounter with birds. He was happily enjoying the morning with the other dogs until the birds came out. Then, holy cow, he was electrified with excitement! Now every bird gets noticed. Soon we will have game birds to work with and I don’t think it will be long before he is ready for his first hunting season.

A Swainson’s hawk cruising by.

Lots of control! The choke collar keeps him from pulling and the e-collar helps him remember who is giving the orders.

Sweet Henry napping on Dad.

Thank you for visiting the Birdhunter!


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10 responses to “DK at the Dog Park

  1. DeanMk1

    He’s growing up fast.
    Makes me miss the shorthair we had when I was a kid.

  2. rickhartle

    Ben he is looking good, glad to hear the swimming news and bird news.

  3. Jerrold Johnson

    Great photos of a good-looking dog.

  4. Jesse Grimes

    He looks stressed out – NOT!

  5. Tedd

    Was für ein toll aussehender Hund, ja?

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