Henry’s First Fourth

I hope you had a terrific 4th! Fantastic weather in Denver over this 3-day weekend prompted us to visit the off-leash dog park in Chatfield State Park a couple of times. This park is awesome, with 75 acres of varied terrain along with some sizable ponds. It is for sure Henry’s favorite place to be, at least until he discovers the upland bird hunting country.

I nice big yawn during the morning poop. This is one easy-going dog!

Henry is about a week past 6 months old. He is 50 pounds with about 20 to 25 to go.

Henry still has some work to do on his form when swimming with a tennis ball (or duck) in his mouth. Right now, he is compelled to swim with 25% of his body out of the water. Not very graceful yet!

Do you know what kind of bird this is? I could not find it on Google.

Last night a massive barrage of illegal fireworks shook our house for a couple of hours. Lots of booms, and Henry could not have cared less. He chewed on his bully stick and occasionally looked out the window to see what was going on. This is a good sign for a dog who is going to earn his keep under a shotgun.

Jack, looking up at his mom. He loves his mom, he hates Henry!

Thanks for visiting the Birdhunter! Hopefully, soon the posts will be full of points as we train for the coming season.


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4 responses to “Henry’s First Fourth

  1. DeanMk1

    Nice update to Henry is getting along. That swimming thing must be a GSP thing, because my shorthair used to trying walking on top of the water, too.

  2. Jesse Grimes

    Is that a King Bird ? – a type of fly catcher.
    Henry is impressive!

    • The King Bird seems to fit the bill. We will consider it a King Bird until someone more scholarly sets us straight. Thanks for the compliment on Henry and for visiting!

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