Henry Points a Bird! Woo-Hoo!

Our first day in the training field with Chukar was bird-dog nirvana. The two objectives were to see a first point and to introduce Henry to gunfire. Both were achieved on this perfect Saturday morning. This morning was truly a slice of heaven . . . maybe not so much for the birds! I hope you enjoy these pictures of the day.

Here it is. Henry’s first ever point. I don’t know why I am amazed that pointing dogs point, but I am!

At six and a half months, Henry is looking good. He is coming up on 60 pounds

Henry’s specialty is to deliver to hand taxidermy-ready birds. This is the “rag-doll shake” maneuver.

Water break, it was a warm morning. I love summer, but looking forward to the crisp, cool days of fall.

Keep the dogs well watered on these hot summer days.

Shooting shoguns over Henry was a non-event. He is completely comfortable with the report. There is always a bit of anxiety that you will do something wrong in the introduction to gunfire and end up with a gun-shy dog. Henry continues to check the boxes on the awesome bird dog checklist!

A bit ominous.

Henry is a sweet boy! There is still a lot of training work to do, but right now he is capable and ready to hunt.

Self portrait in the eye of the dog!

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