Pre-Season Bird Dog Training

Henry is 7 months old now, with about a month until the hunting seasons begin. Chris and his sweet black lab, Ryder, joined us for a training session on a perfect Colorado Sunday morning. I hope you enjoy the pictures of these beautiful bird dogs!

I call this picture “Staunch Point.” Henry strikes this dramatic point, exhibiting the style and focus of a well-bred gun dog. Moments like this are what draws us back to the hunting fields year after year. I am sure Covey Rise would pay handsomely for this shot!

Chris and Ryder.

Playing a little Chukar catch me if you can. Bad form but fun to watch these young dogs have so much fun!

The “Bird Dog High Jump!”

Sometime between 2000 and 2005 I lost my neck. Not sure where it went.

Chris appears to have brought a high-powered rife on this bird hunt.

Black Labs Matter!

Wish us luck on this coming season and thank you for visiting the Birdhunter!


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2 responses to “Pre-Season Bird Dog Training

  1. rickhartle

    Thank you, looks like he is doing very well. Loved the pictures. Yes won’t be long and we will be hunting.

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