Henry Hunts

This is Henry at one week on 1/5/2021. Born Xander at the great Deutsch Kurzhaar (GSP) breeder Vom Gansehimmel in North Dakota. It has been a great pleasure to watch him grow from a mischievous puppy to a legitimate bird dog (but still full of mischief!).

Undoubtedly, one of the great joys is to see your dog grow into what he was bred and born to do. I hope you enjoy these pictures of a transformed dog on his first wild bird hunts.

311 days later, not yet 11 months old, Henry is cruising the corn stubble in North Dakota. He is already as capable as any of my past GSPs. Not to disparage them, I loved them too, but Henry is a new level of bird dog competence. I believe this speaks to the quality of the bloodline, accomplished by careful breeding.

Handsome Bird Dog.

Checking out the Wyoming country. The small black rectangle in the distance is our truck. The vast, immense public land is hard to grasp unless you have tried to hunt it.

We have hunted with the fine folks at the Cannonball Company in Regent, ND for many years. We had missed the last two years because of low bird counts and then covid. After that low, the hope is that the bird population is now on the upswing. It seems to be, based on what we saw this year.

Cruising the beautiful Wyoming sage.

Henry hunts 20 percent of the time on his rear two paws. This gives him a better view of the field. Amazing dog.

Barbed wire bloodied ear.

Beautiful North Dakota cover. In the past, we would see 50 pheasants standing in this field. Not these days, but the bird numbers are improving. We found enough roosters to keep our interest.

Henry and Kyle on Wyoming BLM public land.

Sifting the air for scent. This dog has an incredible nose. He can smell a quail fart at 50 yards.

GPS enabled GSP! Knowing your fast-moving dog’s location makes for a much more enjoyable hunt.

A Nebraska sandhills watering hole.

This is one beat-up, slanty-eyed dog! The North Dakota hunting fields are rough on the dogs. Thick CRP and corn stubble, not to mention barbed-wire fences, take their toll. If Henry had a vote, I can assure you he would rather be here, enduring the pain and hunting birds, than sitting on the couch watching Wheel of Fortune!

Here are the compelling elements of the bird hunt – a game bird dog, a fine shotgun, prairie grasses holding wild birds, good health, and of course . . .

. . . very good friends!

Thanks for visiting the Birdhunter.

Let’s Go, Brandon!!


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4 responses to “Henry Hunts

  1. Jesse Grimes

    Thanks for sharing and some in-sight.
    I hate barbed-wire!
    Good Hunting

    • Thank you, Jesse. Agreed, that barbed wire is a bitch! In some places that we hunt, the farmers/ranchers use un-barbed wire on the bottom strand. I sure do appreciate that! Hopefully, Henry is learning to be careful!

  2. Great photos. Good looking dog. Enjoy him.

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