Dog points bird . . .

Capturing the intensity of a covey nailed is a tough assignment. Most attempts fall short but not this piece that I read in Sporting Classics some years ago. It is by far the best I have found.  It was written by Tom Davis, the Senior Editor and Gundogs columnist for Sporting Classics and author of “The Tattered Autumn Sky: Bird Hunting in the Heartland.”

“You turn the dogs loose and let them roll, and as they sift the wind – miners panning for gold – you feel yourself pulled along in the slipstream of their intense, unfettered joy.

And when they strike point, transformed in a blazing instant from pure kinetic energy to living statuary, it’s as if the earth stops spinning, There is no past or future; there is only this moment, and what hangs in the balance, awaiting resolution, is nothing less than everything.”

– Tom Davis


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2 responses to “Dog points bird . . .

  1. okay…. now that picture of the running dog is just frickin’ awesome! Do you take it? If so, would you mind sharing some the technical camera setting online or off? Makes no difference to me. Thx!

    • Thanks Gary for the wonderful compliment! The camera is a Nikon D40X with thier 16 – 85 DX lens. The camera was set on auto everything, but I don’t think that is really relevant. The way I get these kinds of pictures is to take a crap load of them! I think that from a hunt I come back with 250+ pictures and out of that I might get 15 or so really good ones. Digital is wonderful – I could never do this with film.

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